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Hard on the heels of my post on Digi-teachers, here’s a follow-up on the importance of listening to young people (in case you needed convinced).

You’ve probably heard of TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks. The US not-for-proft organisation that nurtures “ideas worth spreading” and, true to form, spreads those ideas via conferences, and a vast online repository of some of the world’s most interesting  and engaging speakers presenting a dizzying plethora of ideas on just about any topic you can imagine. Espresso for the mind.

Earlier this year, TED hosted Adora Svitak, an articulate advocate for student-directed, student-centred learning. Not surprisingly, Adora ia pretty hot right now on the educational speakers’ circuit in the US and can teach us all a thing or two about reciprocal learning.

Described as a prolific short story writer, a blogger, her presentation is full of pearls of wisdom (she’s a child prodigy but don’t let that put you off!) on why the world needs more childish thinking.

Here’s a sample of highlights I took from her talk:

“When expectations are low, trust me, we will sink to them”.

“Our audacity to imagine helps push the realm of possibility”.

“Students should teach their teachers. Learning between grownups and kids should be reciprocal.”

“No matter your position or place in life, it is imperative to create opportunities for children so we can grow up to blow you away.”

Go there now – it’s chicken soup for the student teacher’s soul!

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