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Back on deck!

After just completing a six-week placement at a local secondary school, I’ve hardly had time to sleep let alone blog but have read a fair bit and even better, been at the frontline to see how ICT is being used in classrooms.

I have observed a lot of what you already suspected – teachers are aware of digital technology (and naturally some are more open to incorporating new technology into their lessons than others) but all are short of time while the schools they work for are often short of cash for new gadgets.

What I did see was some fantastic power points which were especially helpful when teaching poetry (link/embed songs and dramatic readings of poems) but no blogging, tweeting, posting or otherwise creating using digital media. We also used handheld mino cameras to great effect for recording a Yr 13 field trip (this allowed a couple of students who were absent to catch up later), for recording Yr 12 speech presentations, and I also had plans to use them to record Yr10 “pitches” for Media Studies, then project the presentations and peer mark them.  They are really easy to use, plug straight into your laptop via a USB portal and yield quite high quality footage (depending on the user)!  The kids work out how to use them in about a minute. And looks like you can now get HD versions too…!

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