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A while back now I reviewed a host of apps enabling students to create newspapers online.

Scoop.it is a similar idea that enables users to “scoop” (or copy and paste) their favourite online discoveries to their own scoop it page. The purpose is to provide a platform to create an online magazine (so a publishing option for students) as well as to increase the user’s web presence.

Teachers could use Scoop.it as a repository for resources for students, to raise their academic profile via a web presence or simply as a place to share ideas with colleagues. Here’s Curtin University’s elearning and design team’s Scoop.it page, shared with me by Peter Mellow.  Peter recently introduced the Scoop.it platform to delegates at Aoraki Polytechnic’ Eyes on Learning Conference held in Timaru.

The concept of curation of other people’s thoughts/ideas/research/resources got me thinking about the vast array or choices for sharing ideas nowadays, and the related criticism that there are no truly unique ideas left – just recycling of someone else’s! I personally don’t have an issue with retweeting/sharing/reversioning material as long as the original author is credited somewhere.  That’s a challenge for many young people who don’t often make the distinction between ripping off ideas and critical analysis whereby you add to a thought process by reflecting on another person’s work.

If teacher leaders make sure their students understand the difference, Web 2.0 has certainly added a host of options to the curation basket.

Share and share alike I say.

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